OC4: First Oculus Go Games And Apps Confirmed

  • OC4: First Oculus Go Games And Apps Confirmed

OC4: First Oculus Go Games And Apps Confirmed

And if you go that route, setting up a system like the Vive, which requires wall-mounted trackers, is a bridge-too-far for most consumers.

Samsung has worked with Oculus in the past on its Gear VR headsets, and Oculus appears to be building on that platform with the Go headset.

Specifically the price of entry and limited appeal to those without the high-end PCs to pull it off.

In providing middle ground between these two extremes, the Oculus Go represents an impressive leap forward for both virtual reality technology and affordability. Facebook slashed prices twice on its Rift VR headset bundled with Touch controllers this year, but the second price cut was temporary.

The real kicker in the Go is it will act as a standalone unit. This is also the company's first-ever headset with inside-out tracking technology, similar to what's found on the crop of mixed reality headsets Microsoft's hardware partners have built for Windows 10.

"It's not about escaping reality, it's about making reality better", Zuckerberg said.

On that scale, the Oculus Go looks like it will sit just above mobile VR, providing the same kind of experiences without the purchase of the latest Galaxy phone.

There are still some details we don't yet know, such as how much Santa Cruz will cost and what kind of battery life we're looking at. But what VR worlds will you be able to visit with it? Or teach a history class.

"If you can't think of any way that your reality can be better, then you're not thinking hard enough", Zuckerberg said.

This followed Zuckerberg's announcement that Oculus wants to get one billion people using its virtual reality products.

The Oculus Go, though, is a fully standalone "all-in-one" device. This will help the company push its library of VR-ready content at launch with the help of existing content that runs on Gear VR.

"The strategy for Facebook is to make the onboarding to VR as easy and affordable as possible", he said.

The catch is that the Oculus Rift remains a wired device, so you'll have to use it while it's still plugged into your PC.

Numerous announcements aimed at developers during the event dealt with coming changes to the Oculus platform itself, including a number of new social tools and discovery improvements.