Eric Pratt statement on REAL ID extension

  • Eric Pratt statement on REAL ID extension

Eric Pratt statement on REAL ID extension

"According to (U.S. Department of Homeland Security), during this grace period, federal agencies will continue to accept driver's licenses and identification cards issued by states with pending extensions", said Sam Fettig, Gov. Mark Dayton's spokesman.

That means ME driver's licenses will be accepted for now as valid identification for boarding domestic flights and entrance into certain federal facilities, such as military bases, the US mint and nuclear power plants.

Gordon added the federal government has assured Minnesota, the governor's office, and others that as long as progress towards compliance is made, extensions will be granted.

The federal government has given ME more time to bring itself into compliance with a decade-old law regulating state-issued identification. Several of the 9/11 hijackers had obtained state-issued driver's licenses in the months leading up to the attack.

Minnesota only approved a state law to create Real ID licenses and other identification this year.

Eventually, residents who do not have Real ID-compliant identification would to board airplanes or enter military installations, federal courthouses or federal job sites.

Muszynski said Real ID applicants must provide proof of legal presence, such as a birth certificate, and agree to be photographed with facial recognition technology. But a new Missouri law that took effect in August will give residents the option to get compliant driver's licenses or other ID cards.

States can continue to request waivers from compliance until 2020.

That means state residents can continue to access federal facilities such as prisons through January 22, when a new restriction on commercial air travel will take effect.