Tyrese Says The Rock Is a Selfish Person: 'That's F-ed Up'

  • Tyrese Says The Rock Is a Selfish Person: 'That's F-ed Up'

Tyrese Says The Rock Is a Selfish Person: 'That's F-ed Up'

As previously reported, Gibson blamed the Baywatch actor for delaying production on the ninth installment of the action-film franchise due to his spinoff film in an Instagram post on Wednesday, October 4.

"It shouldn't be called Black Rose it should be called big piece of black dog sh-t", Johnson continues in the clip. Gotta love the actor's attention to detail. It all started when The Rock's Fast And The Furious spin-off was slated for a 2019 release, which ended up pushing back the Fast 9 release date to 2020. It sounds like the R & B singer turned actor has some bills to pay. That, coupled with Dwayne Johnson's sensationalized history with wrestling, suggests his feud with Tyrese - at least this part of it - could be fake.

Dramaaaa! Sadly, Tyrese seems to be alone in his opinion as Johnson refuses to apologize for securing a solo flick and Vin Diesel is seemingly on #TeamTheRock.

"I just got a problem with Dwayne, it appears that he's being selfish, it appears that he's so focused on furthering his own self-interests", he continued.

In the caption, Tyrese calls The Rock a "hater", and refers to his project as one of the best RNB slash soul albums of all time. Tyrese says he doesn't hate the spinoff movie idea, he just hates the fact that the film had to be made at roughly around the same time.

Universal Pictures confirmed on Wednesday that the film's release will move back to April 10, 2020, but did not give a reason.

However, #VinDiesel - who famously leads the franchise as Dominic Toretto - pleaded for calm and understanding, while also refusing to point fingers and blame The Rock for Fast 9's delays.

"To end the post, he used the hashtag "#CandyA**esNeedNotApply", a pointed callback to a remark he made a year ago about Vin Diesel on Instagram, as the co-stars had on-set drama that spilled over to social media. That is time I will never get back. He says he just wants to make a fun movie for fans, and there's nothing more to it than that.

His passenger, speaking in a different language, clearly doesn't understand what the star is trying to tell him, and Gibson appeals to his fans to help him to help bridge their language barrier: "If y'all know what he's saying, please tell me in the comments".