Twitter working on tweet bookmarking feature, "Save for Later"

  • Twitter working on tweet bookmarking feature,

Twitter working on tweet bookmarking feature, "Save for Later"

As reported by The Verge, news of the "save for later" option came after a tweet on Monday by Keith Coleman, Twitter's head of product. While the update is still in active development and will likely see a few changes before it goes live, the new feature looks like it will replace the "send via DM" icon on the bottom right corner of tweets. Been a top request. For feedback, the Twitter team is monitoring #SaveForLater hashtag. "#SaveForLater", he stated in a Tweet on Tuesday.

Twitter is working on a way to bookmark tweets, and revisit them at a later time.

While now users can mark their favorite tweets with the heart icon and send or retweet them to themselves, most of these methods don't work like they do for other social media websites like Facebook.

The developers behind this new functionality put together their prototype during Twitter's annual Hack Week event, which resulted in this new feature. "The company has, in the past introduced tools such as an "@" mention and retweets, in response to community feedback.

Product managers tweeted that there had been lots of demand for such a feature - especially in Japan. Currently, people follow a longer process of bookmarking tweets by liking, retweeting, or DM-ing tweets to themselves. As for a name, "Save For Later" is suggested as the front runner in Shah's tweet. The new feature "Happening Now" quite similar to Twitter Moments and what makes it different is that Moments are curated stories that showcase the top events that are being trending on Twitter.

The feature is in the experiment phase and the company is still looking for feedback as they share designs. We're rolling out a new way to see what's happening now, starting with sports!

The company is also expected to implement new safety updates, which will highlight tweets with hate speech.