Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring on Malcolm in the Middle

  • Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring on Malcolm in the Middle

Frankie Muniz doesn't remember starring on Malcolm in the Middle

Muniz's "Malcolm in the Middle" co-star Bryan Cranston told "DWTS" cameras, "I will tell him, "Remember this?"

"It makes me a little sad", Muniz admitted. "As a kid I did everything".

A few years ago, Frankie Muniz was in the news because he had a stroke at 26.

Actor Frankie Muniz sticks out his tongue as he hoists the trophy after winning the 29th Annual Pro/Celebrity Race in Long Beach, California, April 9, 2005.

Despite the severity of the situation, Frankie Muniz entrusts to be happy: "I am happy with my career as an actor, I'm glad I made a decision to drive race cars and make music". In 2009, he was in a serious racing accident in which he broke his back, ankle, four ribs, and hand.

Frankie Muniz appears to have an issue with his memory. "It nearly feels like it wasn't me". But I'm doing whatever it takes to take care of my body so I can continue dancing.

Frankie Muniz doesn't remember his days on 'Malcolm in the Middle'
Frankie Muniz can't remember starring Malcolm In The Middle because of memory loss

"I'm not a doctor person".

To Muniz, it doesn't seem to matter whether or not the concussions or mini strokes contributed to his memory problems. He suspects these, along with nine concussions (did we mention he's also a professional race auto driver?), may have contributed to his severe memory loss. He created a total 151 episodes. Then I start going numb. Apparently, doctors can't figure out what's causing them.

Muniz said all he recalls of starring on the hit Fox sitcom, which ran for seven seasons from 2000-6, comes from 'seeing an episode'. "I have no answers as to why it happens".

"I've gotten to do anything that I really wanted to do", Muniz replied.

Now competing in the USA television show, Dancing with the Stars, the actor made the admission during a pre-performance VT, explaining how numerous concussions and several mini-strokes have caused his memories to become blurred.

Chosen by ABC television to take part in Dancing with the Stars, the american actor Frankie Muniz, also race auto driver, said during the first episode of the dance competition have suffered a vehicle accident, major in 2009 that he has "broken the back".