Cook County Board Overwhelmingly Votes To Repeal Soda Tax

  • Cook County Board Overwhelmingly Votes To Repeal Soda Tax

Cook County Board Overwhelmingly Votes To Repeal Soda Tax

The committee on Tuesday voted 15-1 for repeal of the tax. In the latest poll, about 79 percent said they would not support a commissioner for re-election should they support the tax.

After delays related to a lawsuit from the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, the tax on sugary beverages went into effect this past August. For instance, he said, a sweet bottled drink would be taxed while a similar beverage from a barista would be exempt.

"Cook County officials realized that its tax was doing much more harm than good and wisely corrected their mistake before more economic harm befell their citizens and businesses", Grace said in a statement.

Public and local media opinion ran consistently high against the tax, which its supporters deemed necessary for public health but which was revealed to be primarily a revenue grab by a county government looking to plug holes in its budget.

Low-tax advocates cheered the decision as a blow to the "nanny-state crusade".

The debate over the pop tax has blanketed Chicago area airwaves, with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg bankrolling $5 million worth of ads touting the health benefits of reducing the amount of sugar consumed by county residents.

After the vote, Preckwinkle struck a conciliatory tone, even as she indicated she wouldn't be proposing cuts herself.

After plenty of backlash from all directions, the controversial sweetened beverage tax that went into effect just two months ago has inevitably been repealed. The tax was greeted with 87% disapproval from the public. Krieger further criticized efforts by "Big Soda" to oppose the tax.