Amazon's Alexa can now recognize other peoples voices

  • Amazon's Alexa can now recognize other peoples voices

Amazon's Alexa can now recognize other peoples voices

From there, your voice is stored in the cloud, meaning it will apply to all your Alexa enabled devices.

To teach Alexa your voice, you need to have the latest app version (even then, Artem isn't seeing it yet, so it could be a slow rollout), and head over to Settings - Accounts - Your Voice, tap on your profile name, and then Begin.

Fourth-quarter sales of smart speakers could reach almost 12 million units worldwide, bringing the full-year sales total to 24 million units, Strategy Analytics said in a news release.

AI-powered speaker Google Home has introduced several features and after Google, its rival Alexa is now capable of recognizing multiple voices and giving personalized answers. Strategy Analytics found that Amazon Alexa will be on 68 percent of all smart speakers by the end of the fourth quarter of 2017.

KitGuru Says: This could make way for Alexa-powered devices to only respond to your voice, which in turn would make it much more hard for your friends or even South Park to prank you.

New data from Strategy Analytics suggest that Amazon's Alexa smart assistant is beating Google in the home. Alexa will be able to completely personalize your experience. It will work with shopping, Amazon Music, Flash Briefings, and Alexa-to-Alexa calling. Check out the instructions on how to set it up over on Amazon's help site. Users are required to read back a series of phrases, which are recorded and used to identify the individual via their voice. If you live alone, or are the only person who uses your Echo then you are unlikely to get any immediate benefit from doing this. After the training, the voice assistant will instantly recognize them on any device.