Temple University student fatally shot by police in Miami

  • Temple University student fatally shot by police in Miami

Temple University student fatally shot by police in Miami

A Temple student studying criminal justice was reportedly shot to death by a Miami police officer after she allegedly plowed into the officer with her auto.

A 22-year-old Black woman was fatally shot by Miami Beach police on Sunday after she reportedly drove into a police officer, sending him flying into the air and then onto the pavement.

"The auto was coming westbound from Ocean on 12th and went through the red light, struck an occupied vehicle on 12th and Collins", said Miami Beach Police Chief Dan Oates. When she was leaving the scene, she apparently hit another auto.

It remains unclear why she was in Miami Beach. Eventually, uniformed police officers arrived and tried to de-escalate the situation.

Michael Davis, who witnessed the chaotic scene, told WSVN Hithon repeatedly rear-ended cars. Then the BMW suddenly started moving again and took out the officer standing in front of it.

Garcia said when he saw the woman's face, she had a wild, crazed expression.

"That kind of activity is not rational, I can't explain why she wouldn't have listened to commands", Cary Hithon said.

Another cop unloaded on the BMW after the first officer was run down. "And at that point the other cop started shooting".

The BMW continued driving where it struck a Pathfinder SUV and came to a rest.

Police performed CPR on Hithon, but she died at Jackson Memorial Hospital. Investigators questioned the unidentified man, who was later released.

Viewer Video contains Graphic Images and LanguageThe transfer student from Maryland had been in Florida celebrating her 22nd birthday. "She wanted to make a difference in the lives of people who weren't as fortunate as her".

She was expected to graduate from Temple in the fall and go on to law school.

"It's awful, you can't help but have quite a bit of despair and anguish, because you don't understand how it could happen", he said. Visitors were being told it could be hours before they could get to their cars parked on the street. "What the heck could have gone wrong, I mean don't we have enough of this going on in this country?"

"The only logical explanation in this situation is she panicked, and things just escalated out of control", he said.

A YouTube video featuring his daughter shows her talking about the importance of civil behavior. According to the university's Student Government Facebook page, she was pursuing a political science degree.

The officer who was run over, David Cajuso, was released from the hospital Monday and is recovering at home, a department spokesperson said.