Malala attends first lectures at Oxford

  • Malala attends first lectures at Oxford

Malala attends first lectures at Oxford

Yousafzai and her family settled in Birmingham, England in 2013, after Malala received intensive medical treatment there after the Taliban attack.

Now, five years later, on the anniversary of the shooting, Yousafazi announced via Twitter that she has started her first classes at the University of Oxford.

Within hours of the tweet, over 112,000 people retweeted her message and over 354,000 people liked it. Thousands of followers congratulated her again in the comments, calling her an "inspiration" and a "beacon of hope". That's why when she tweeted that she was to begin her studies at Oxford, five years to the day from when she was shot in the head for speaking out about the right girls have to receive an education, she was met with an outpouring of support. So grateful you are still with us. Today, I attend my first lectures at Oxford.

Using a pen name, she wrote blog posts for the BBC about life in the Swat Valley, an area of Pakistan that was largely controlled at the time by the Taleban.

Yousufzai rose to prominence when she was shot on the head and neck by the Taliban in Pakistan, while on her way home from school in 2012.

Malala will be studying philosophy, politics and economics, or PPE, which United Kingdom daily The Guardian has dubbed "the Oxford degree that runs Britain".

Yousafzai was formally accepted to Lady Margaret Hall in August.

Yousafzai became the youngest-ever Nobel laureate in 2014, when she was recognised for her advocacy of the right of all children to education.

Two years after this tragedy, Malala became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in history.