Gas prices inch lower at pump across state

  • Gas prices inch lower at pump across state

Gas prices inch lower at pump across state

Prices are still considerably higher than before Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, which took a toll on supply and production as refineries shut down and shipments were interrupted.

On average, the $2.30 per gallon pump price is 4 cents lower than last week and 19 cents cheaper than when prices went up on September 5, according to AAA Kansas.

Gas customers could find much lower prices around Omaha: $2.20, $2.17 or even $2.09 a gallon, said.

Gas prices continue to fall in northern New England.

Hurricane Nate, now downgraded to a Tropical Storm, brought high winds and flooding across the Gulf Coast region over the weekend.

In the tri-state region, South Dakota drivers are paying the most for a gallon of gas on average. AAA reports the lowest average price can be found in the Saginaw-Bay City-Midland area where it's about $2.30 a gallon. While gas is cheaper than it was last month, it is still more expensive than it was a year ago. "Gas prices remain inflated by about 20 to 30 cents [from last year] and should decline another 5 to 10 cents this week". Hurricane Nate, a fast moving storm, did little to disrupt the flow of fuel to market while having a larger impact on oil rigs". The cheapest was $2.44 in Tampa-St.

Kevin Curry, a partner in the Meriden-based fuel distributer Danby's, said the profit margins between the whole sale price that gas stations owners pay for fuel and what they charge customers "are higher than normal right now". The price for a gallon of unleaded regular in the Augusta-Aiken area was $2.42 Monday, compared to $2.51 last week. Nearby, Pinellas County stations were averaging $2.41, with Hillsborough County outlets at $2.44.