Farmer who rescued missing girl gives $7000 reward to her

  • Farmer who rescued missing girl gives $7000 reward to her

Farmer who rescued missing girl gives $7000 reward to her

A Minnesota farmer was presented with a $7,000 reward for finding a missing teenage girl - and then just moments later gave the money to the girl, who was a captive of three men for a month.

Melchert got Jasmine into his truck and immediately called 911. But one day, she managed to break free, fleeing across fields and swimming across a lake until she stumbled onto the property of Earl Melchert.

"I could make out her face, and I went, 'Oh my gosh, this is the gal from Alexandria that's been gone for 29 days, '" Melchert said. "You guys deserve it". The reward of $9,000 was being offered by the Alexandria Police Department.

Earl Melchert had been working near his home in Alexandria Minnesota that Tuesday afternoon when he realized he had forgotten a diesel can at home he needed to fill so he could mow the lawn that evening.

She ended up on the property of Earl Melchert, who said he knew who she was right away when she frantically knocked on his door looking for help.

There was a reward of $7,000 being offered by the Minnesota police to anyone who could provide information on Block's whereabouts, so when she was found by Melchert, they chose to give him the money.

Ever since Block first disappeared, law enforcement officials had been offering $7,000 for any information on her whereabouts. She then ran towards Melchert's vehicle across his field.

The 15-year-old's mother said she wanted to Mr Melchart to thank him for helping to save his daughter.

"Thank you Earl, it is people like you that make this world a better place". Eventually, she swam across a portion of a lake, and that's when she ran into Melchert.

Mr. Melchert, who recently exhausted as a manager of a fertilizer plant, said it was the best thing he had ever done.

Mr. Melchert said he knew exactly what to do with the check: He gave it to Ms. Block. "He risked a lot of things and put himself in danger".

Melchert told The Voice of Alexandria that the experience has made him look at things differently.

Throughout the ordeal, the teenager was sexually and physically abused by Mr Barker and two other accomplices who also threatened her with weapons.

Ms. Block saw the opportunity to escape when the men left her alone to go buy food.

"The family needs the money", he said.

Police arrested Thomas Barker, 32, Steven Powers, 20, and Joshua Holby, 31, last month and detained them on charges of kidnapping, false imprisonment and assault.

"To me, yeah, that's a lot of money, but they need it way worse than I do", Melchert told the Times.