Commissioner: NFL needs to 'move past' national anthem controversy

  • Commissioner: NFL needs to 'move past' national anthem controversy

Commissioner: NFL needs to 'move past' national anthem controversy

Goodell wrote that the dispute over the anthem "is threatening to erode the unifying power of our game, and is now dividing us, and our players, from many fans across the country".

The Buccaneers defensive lineman said forcing players to stand will result in an "uproar" and would be a violation of the First Amendment.

"Like many of our fans, we believe that everyone should stand for the national anthem".

President Trump escalated his battle with pro football players protesting the national anthem by urging the government Tuesday to end use of tax-exempt municipal bonds used to build or renovate National Football League stadiums.

Current NFL policy says players should stand during the Star-Spangled Banner, but does not require them to.

'It is an important moment in our game, ' he wrote.

Several players have since followed his lead, with more taking up the cause after President Donald Trump said during a rally on September 22 that players should be fired if they take a knee during the anthem, calling any player who did a "son of a b--".

The NFL issued a statement Wednesday after Trump's tweet, disputing the president's claim without specifically naming him.

However, at a meeting on 17-18 October team owners will discuss possible measures to "move past" controversy over the protests.

However, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has threatened to drop players who demonstrate during the national anthem. It's a certainty that this story will continue to shadow the National Football League, and it's a near-certainty that Trump will offer commentary the entire way.

"Why is the National Football League getting massive tax breaks while at the same time disrespecting our Anthem, Flag and Country?" That last line appears a direct shot at Trump's continued attempts, via Twitter, to divide the country into with-us-or-against-us camps.