African man tied to pole, thrashed in Delhi

  • African man tied to pole, thrashed in Delhi

African man tied to pole, thrashed in Delhi

A Nigerian national begged and screamed as he was tied to a lamp post and thrashed with sticks in south Delhi by a mob on charges of a theft attempt last month, showed disturbing videos that went viral on Monday.

A video has emerged showing a Nigerian living in India being brutalised by a mob, an incident which the police claimed was not connected to racism.

Contradicting this, the video footage shows that he had been tied to a pole and was thrashed mercilessly even when he pleaded for to stop beating him.

With the latest arrests, the number of persons detained over the incident since Monday night now reaches five. A Nigerian student was also beaten inside a mall. Ahmed is presently in judicial custody.

According to reports, the Nigerian man was allegedly caught inside the house of Malviya Nagar resident Krishna Kumar in the early hours of September 24.

Kumar, a resident of Savitri Nagar, had claimed that a man broke into his house and tried to steal valuables from the almirah kept in his room, police said.

After the brutal assault the Nigerian was taken to the police where the locals reported that he sustained injuries as result of a fall from the staircase. He kept begging, but the mob did not stop.

The people who caught him told the police that the Nigerian man fell down while he was trying to flee by crossing the fence.

He was barely conscious and severely wounded when the mob handed-over the man to the police.

When questioned about the atrocities done on the foreign national in the video, the senior police officer said, "We got to know about this today after the video clip came out".