Truckers begin 36-hour strike to protest GST, high fuel prices

  • Truckers begin 36-hour strike to protest GST, high fuel prices

Truckers begin 36-hour strike to protest GST, high fuel prices

The truckers under the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) are observing the strike in protest of allegedly complex norms of Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Jamshedpur Transport Welfare Association (JTWA) has also chose to support the strike and their trucks would not ply on roads. It was called upon by the All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) - the country's largest transporter association representing over 93 lakh truckers.

"Our two-day "chakka jam" (strike) which began this morning has hit supplies across the country, though we have exempted essential goods".

Singh further said that there was "utter confusion, chaos and disruption" due to the various policies in the transport sector and the new tax regime introduced by the Centre.

Another reason for the strike is the spiralling price for diesel.

The sale of used business attracts GST, which leads to double taxation by the government, it added. Truck operators also demanded reduce fuel prices as diesel and toll charges account for almost 70 per cent of operating costs. "Truck owners were not able to lift goods from unregistered traders as that would require truck owners to pay GST on behalf of unregistered traders".

Apart from this, truckers are also raising voice against the newly launched dynamic pricing for petrol and diesel and demanding the Government to roll back the system.

The hike in diesel prices and daily changes in fuel rates have adversely affected the sector. The transporters have cautioned that they will launch indefinite work stoppage across India if their demands are not met.

AITWA president Pradeep Singhal stated that the government failed to give any clarification on national sales tax GST to transporters.

Calcutta Goods Transport Association (CGTA) President Prabhat Kumar Mittal had yesterday that the post GST scenario has critically impaired the transport trade and the body would support the strike called by AIMTC.