Richard Spencer Returns For Charlottesville March; Mayor Mike Signer Says "Go Home"

  • Richard Spencer Returns For Charlottesville March; Mayor Mike Signer Says

Richard Spencer Returns For Charlottesville March; Mayor Mike Signer Says "Go Home"

It was a planned flash mob.

Spencer called the rally "a great success" on Twitter. "We've been planning this for a long time". "We're back and we're going to keep coming back", one speaker said.

Police said Saturday's torch-lit rally attracted between 40 and 50 people near the city's statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee at Emancipation Park.

The city's statement also noted the ongoing independent review of the events of August 12, as well as of a torch-lit white nationalist rally held July 8 and a Ku Klux Klan demonstration on July 8, and said it will establish unified communication protocol between the city and the police department. Russian Federation is our friend.

"A group of identically dressed people holding torches and chanting: "the US South will rise again" and "Russia is our friend", - stated in the message".

The city's chairman, Mike Signer had a limit message for them: "Another awful visit by neo-Nazi quitters".

Charlottesville mayor Mike Signer tweeted Saturday night that the city is looking into legal options.

NBC reported that there were as many as 30 protesters in the park surrounding the statue, which has been covered after its removal was blocked by a court pending the outcome of a legal challenge. Its driver, 20-year-old James Shields, was charged with murder.

The US has been gripped by a national debate on whether to remove Confederate symbols from the US civil war due to their association with slavery.

White supremacists have rallied in Charlottesville again, less than two months since a counter-protester was killed in the same spot.

Donald Trump's reaction to the August rally caused controversy.

Far right "white nationalist" again took to the streets of the American city of Charlottesville. He has since repeated such equivocation.

Ed Gillespie, the Republican candidate for governor, did not immediately respond to Mic's request for comment.

"We are here to represent white America's interests", they shouted out loud. "White people in this country, and white people around the world".

The march took place at the same time as the University's bicentennial celebration.

"We are peacefully walking on the sidewalk, just enjoying the night out", Spencer said in the post.

"Our specialty is meeting with city initiative and the Commonwealth Attorney's office to figure out what legitimate move might be made in light of this occasion", police said in an announcement.