New OnePlus 5T in the works for fall release

  • New OnePlus 5T in the works for fall release

New OnePlus 5T in the works for fall release

There's was an uproar when it launched the OnePlus 3T merely five months after the OnePlus 3. An early render of the device also suggests OnePlus is shooting for minimal bezels all the way around and may even be curving the side edges similar to what Samsung does with their devices with Infinity displays. It is more likely to feature an 18:9 aspect ratio 6-inch screen with no bezels.

Though not much information is available regarding the smartphone, a picture that is given in the report by GizmoChina, indicates that the model will have looks that are identical to the Galaxy S8. That could be just a coincidence, or OnePlus may be getting ready to release a new phone sooner than we thought.

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With the OnePlus 5 seemingly no longer available in the USA, some are now speculating that a new smartphone might be on its way. The reason given for this is that since last year launched the OnePlus 3T with an improved processor and better front-facing camera, this year the firm has nothing new to incorporate. This should not be surprising as the OnePlus 5 units sold in the country as manufactured by the Oppo factory located in Uttar Pradesh. A report from Gizmo China also reveals the image of the smartphone which you can see above. Moreover, the OnePlus 5 is also being sold at a discounted price with attractive exchange offers in India.

OnePlus 5T Launch Confirmed: OnePlus has once again proving to launch the next smartphone with 18:9 aspect ratio and 6 inch display. What makes things more interesting is that the phone looks very similar to the recently launched Oppo F5.

When it comes to expected specs and features of the OnePlus 5T, an anonymous source told Gizmochina that the biggest upgrade to be included in the phone would be related to its display.