Swiss prosecutors to help Olympic-related case in Brazil

  • Swiss prosecutors to help Olympic-related case in Brazil

Swiss prosecutors to help Olympic-related case in Brazil

The president of the Brazilian Olympic Committee was arrested amid an investigation into a vote-buying scheme to bring the Olympics to Rio de Janeiro past year.

"In the past 10-22 years of his presidency of the Brazilian Olympic Committee, Nuzman increased his wealth by 457 percent, without a clear indication of [where this came from], as well as maintained a part of his wealth hidden in Switzerland", prosecutors said, according to the Financial Times.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian national Olympic committee yesterday said in a statement that it will meet on Wednesday to discuss its suspension by the IOC.

"With regard to the Brazilian Olympic Committee, the EB states that the COB and its President, Carlos Nuzman, were responsible for the candidature of Rio de Janeiro in 2009". Authorities allege that former Rio governor Sergio Cabral, who is serving a 14-year prison term for bribery and money laundering, was the mastermind of the plot, which saw $2 million in bribes paid to the son of Senegalese IOC member Lamine Diack before the 2009 vote in which Rio beat Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo to win the 2016 Games.

The IOC said on Thursday it had "taken note" of Nuzman's arrest and its ethics commission would consider "provisional measures" while respecting the "presumption of innocence".

The committee said Nuzman would provisionally lose all the "the rights, prerogatives and functions" as a former IOC member and now an honorary member of the worldwide organization.

Corruption allegations continue to emerge even after the International Olympic Committee tightened bidding rules after the discovery of bribery in Salt Lake City's bid for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Those considerations did not take long, however, and on Friday the IOC's executive board has moved faster and further than most observers expected.

In a statement, the International Olympic Committee said COB is being sanctioned because it was responsible for "the candidature of Rio de Janeiro in 2009".

As well as suspending the COB, the IOC has also provisionally ended its relationship with Rio 2016's organising committee.