'Justice League' New Trailer Offers Glimpse at Superman

  • 'Justice League' New Trailer Offers Glimpse at Superman

'Justice League' New Trailer Offers Glimpse at Superman

The scene was also a clear homage to Superman: The Movie - appealing to the more "traditional" Superman fans.

The trailer opens on images of Clark Kent in the middle of a field, on the bottom of the theme music of Superman.

The DC Extended Universe blockbuster is due for release on November 17 and features Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and The Flash coming together to defend the world.

Truth be told, it's been a long, meandering journey to release, but the film is nearly here now and as we inch closer and closer to November 17th, Warner Bros.is beginning to really kick the marketing machine into high gear. Justice League is almost upon us and Ben Affleck - the actor behind the Caped Crusader in the DC team-up flick - spoke with Geek magazine to discuss how his character will have changed between the events of Batman v. Superman and Justice League. When reports of Cavill's mustache in Justice League reshoots being a problem started to surface, cast members began to tease Superman's presence a little more.

Given that we'd already seen a handful of trailers for Justice League, this trailer needed to bring something a little new and different, to stand on its own. If you have seen Batman V Superman, so you know that the presence of Superman in Justice League is not the obvious. And then there was the departure of original director Zack Snyder in the wake of a family tragedy. Justice League opens November 17.

Set to a rocking version of David Bowie's "Heroes", the new trailer doubles down on the action and skimps on plot.

What look like alien invaders attack Earth in the latest and final Justice League trailer, putting the likes of Wonder Woman, Batman, the Flash and Aquaman in charge of saving humanity.