Butcher Island fire now under control

  • Butcher Island fire now under control

Butcher Island fire now under control

According to official sources, the affected tank's capacity is around 40,000 tonnes, which was partly filled with high speed diesel. Several fire-tenders rushed to the spot and operations are still on till the last reports came in. "Due to this, there was fear of involvement of other tanks and huge damage to property besides risk to persons involved in operations", said Mumbai's chief fire officer Prabhat Rahangdale. According to Rahangdale, fire brigade personnel involved in the firefighting operation through the night have been relieved and new staff have been deployed there. The fire was limited to only one tank.

The teams were continuing with the cooling of the tank as well as the adjacent tanks, Rao said, adding that the products in all the tanks had nearly been transferred to the refinery. "Witnesses said the blaze started because of lightning".

The Disaster Management Unit of the Maharashtra government is monitoring the operations. Because of the heat, the foam (used as an extinguisher) is not settling down, this is causing reignition.

"The situation is under control and there are no casualties". The tank had exploded after being struck by lightning, and firefighters fought hard to ensure that the other tanks remained unaffected.

Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) spokesperson Rajendra Paibir said the tank contained high speed diesel.

Vessels bring crude and other commodities and offload the same at the Jawahar Dweep anchorage, which is stored in tanks and then ferried to the nearby refineries through underwater pipelines.

The BPCL chairman, Sanjay Bhatia also added that a couple of months back HPCL oil tanks at Visakhapatnam too had encountered similar fire due to lightening strike and hence their help too is being sought to douse off the fire.