Apple is adding hundreds of new emojis!

These varied emojis include gender-neutral characters, animals, clothes and headgear, and fantastical creatures. Some of those new emojis making their way to you?

When using iOS 11.1, you'll be able to say "I love you" with an emoji designed after the eponymous hand sign in American Sign Language.

The emoji smiley face will also adopt more expressions in this generation, including star struck, investigative (complete with monocle), and a vomiting emoji that appears to have eaten too much salad.

Apple's confirmed plans to release new emoji characters inside the iOS 11.1 update and they'll land in the second iOS 11.1 beta.

The fact that Apple's upcoming software update will include 30 more emojis is quite surprising when considering that the previous Unicode 10 already added 56 new emojis. From expressive emoticons, to different seasons, clothing options, food types, hearts, animals and fitness emojis they have got it all covered! The original iOS 11 release was missing key features like Apple Pay Cash and Messages in iCloud. Now, the time has come for them to become available for all Apple users.

The new emoji are slated to roll out for beta testers on Monday, Oct. 9, according to BuzzFeed.

Then there are these emoji's representing mythical characters such as a Wizard (looks like a younger version of Dumbledore), a male fairy, a female version of Dracula, and a mermaid. There are also many new faces and some new actions like climbing a mountain or going to the sauna.

A June preview of the new emoji included a woman wearing a headscarf, a guy with a beard and a woman breastfeeding. But some app developers are working to make the new emoji available on older Android devices as well. This is iOS 11.1, and Apple has revealed a little of what we can expect.