Treasury Secretary Has Spent Nearly $1 Million on Military Flights

  • Treasury Secretary Has Spent Nearly $1 Million on Military Flights

Treasury Secretary Has Spent Nearly $1 Million on Military Flights

A flight to Palm Beach, Florida, by Mnuchin's top aide, Eli Miller - on the private jet of a hedge fund billionaire and major contributor to Republican campaigns - is under separate review by the inspector general's office after The Post reported on the trip.

Mnuchin's office said it would incorporate "enhancements" called for by the report in future travel requests.

A government watchdog group is looking into a trip that Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin made recently with his wife, Louise Linton, aboard a government plane. Tom Price, the former secretary of Health and Human Services, resigned last week after racking up about $1 million in charter and military jet fees.

"The requested records would shed light on the justification for Secretary Mnuchin's use of a government plane, rather than a commercial flight, for a trip that seems to have been planned around the solar eclipse and to enable the Secretary to secure a viewpoint in the path of the eclipse's totality", according to a statement. It also includes a trip that will take place later this month.

The report said that the travel requests had a similar failing in that they did not provide enough detail on why the travel fell within the requirements set down in a 2011 White House memo. All of Mnuchin's requests were classified as White House support missions, for which the president must have directed that the travel to occur. "Travel that is simply in general furtherance of a presidential initiative does not qualify".

The Treasury report detailed some of the high costs associated with the use of military aircraft. That request, which Treasury officials said was made to guarantee access to secure communications during the trip, was withdrawn before any flight.

After resignation of U.S. secretary of Health Tom Price, Treasury minister Steve Mnuchin's travel expenses were taken under microscope.

On Monday, August 21, the eclipse view at Fort Knox had 97 percent totality. Mnuchin, who demanded a jet for honeymoon in Europe with his wife, withdrew this request later. In report of chief investigator, this trip was stated to cost $26900, but re was no evidence that journey's objective was ' solar eclipse '. In her post, Linton included hash tags of various luxury designers she was wearing. Linton fired back that she was "pretty sure" she and Mnuchin had paid more in taxes than the OR woman had to cover the trip.