'Rush Hour 4:' Jackie Chan says 'we just agreed' to a script

  • 'Rush Hour 4:' Jackie Chan says 'we just agreed' to a script

'Rush Hour 4:' Jackie Chan says 'we just agreed' to a script

Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan made an incredibly dynamic duo in the 1998 comedy action film Rush Hour. On the show to promote his film The Foreigner with Pierce Brosnan coming out October 13, Chan said that, since 2007, "we've been turning down the script, turning down the script ..."

Kungfu star Jackie Chan and other cast and crew members of the action-drama "The Foreigner" have gathered in Los Angeles for the film's United States premiere. Yesterday, we just agreed. I hope. If Chris Tucker agrees.

"It's about time to make", Chan said.

Chan gave a radio interview Thursday in which he teased that a Rush Hour 4 in very much in the works - the first misadventure in the series since 2007.

If you've been waiting for another Rush Hour film from Jackie Chan, then today is your lucky day, because Chan is so ready for it.

Tucker has been out of the spotlight for a while; while he was one of the highest-earning actors during the early 2000s, he hasn't put out anything recently. Probably end of this month we'll have a second draft. "Only a few can stay around", Chan says.

Did you think Rush Hour 3 was a trash money grab? In 2015, he re-emerged briefly for his own stand-up special on Netflix. Chris Tucker realizes this, which is why he doesn't do movies anymore. "I don't want to always do the same thing again, again".

Talking about how he gets on going without a break the actor said "Sometimes I look at some other actors, famous actors, they're so comfortable!"

We're hearing Rush Hour 4 is in the making but it just won't get here fast enough, would it?!