Latin stars come together for Puerto Rico relief song

  • Latin stars come together for Puerto Rico relief song

Latin stars come together for Puerto Rico relief song

Jennifer Lopez, like Miranda a New Yorker of Puerto Rican origin who has been active in the hurricane response, sings lines on the song. Puerto Rican rapper PJ Sin Suela was first able to reply to Miranda less than a week ago when he regained power, and he was unable to send his recording.

"The song got written in that awful silence where no one was hearing anything and anyone with family on the island or friends on the island can relate to this", Miranda tells ABC Radio.

"What we all experienced, if we weren't from the island, was this awful silence in the wake of the storm", Miranda says.

In an effort to raise money for disaster relief, the "Hamilton" creator said he was working on a new song.

Global icons like Jennifer Lopez and Daddy Yankee have also donated a million dollars to help aid the facilities on the island nation so that the population of Peurto Rico can get back on its feet as soon as possible.

The artist stood by his comment in an appearance Friday to debut the single on NBC's "Today" show, saying it was "unprecedented" for a president to "attack the victims of a natural disaster".

You can buy the song on iTunes and other platforms.

The song's lyrics list all of the 78 towns of Puerto Rico. During that time, he set about to help in the best way he knows - to write a song the proceeds of which would benefit Puerto Rico.

"This song is designed so that those towns never feel forgotten again", he said.

And Puerto Rico needs to stay in the spotlight. Following the USA government's slow response, many celebrities have taken it upon themselves to help those affected.

"They waived the Jones Act, which is an important step, but they only waived it for 10 days". "I go, 'Can I get you a memory stick?'" Miranda recalled. "It's for a good cause but I want it to spread on its own".

Miranda has also partnered with pretty much every streaming service a person might have in order to make it super easy to donate. "Are we increasing troops?" he said.

"Please don't stop telling our story", he added.