Destiny 2: Iron Banner, Prestige Raids and New Armour Sets Announced

  • Destiny 2: Iron Banner, Prestige Raids and New Armour Sets Announced

Destiny 2: Iron Banner, Prestige Raids and New Armour Sets Announced

Bungie has confirmed that the game's limited-time Iron Banner Crucible event returns on October 10, making its first appearance in the sequel. Iron Banner will go live at the weekly reset (October 10, 2 AM Pacific), and end one week later (October 17, 2 AM Pacific).

As seen in the tweet below from Bungie's official Twitter account, the developer explains that Guardians will be able to earn Tokens by playing Destiny 2's Iron Banner, with those who win earning more than those who don't. In place of the bounties and ranks of the original Destiny are special "Iron Banner engrams", which will likely be converted into high-power equipment after crossing a certain threshold.

Destiny 2 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Although we can't say how many Tokens you'll need to turn in to earn an Iron Banner Engram right now, it should be noted that other vendors in Destiny 2 take roughly 18-20 Tokens to level up.

Iron Banner is a test of your abilities as a Destiny 2 player.

Aimed at those who prefer Destiny 2's PvE experience, there's also a new raid difficulty coming: Prestige. It's nearly time for Iron Banner.

Iron Banner is back baby! Bungie hasn't released exactly what changes will show up in the prestige Leviathan, but the raid recommends a Light level of 300. Our goal is not to provide a boon to your character progression, but there are unique rewards to help you shine. Bungie has said they don't expect everyone to complete this, even with minimal changes the changes are there. The person you talk to in order to start the Iron Banner quest, Lord Saladin, is in the Tower which you unlock at the end of the campaign. After the reset is completed, players will find a new invitation from Emperor Calus to join him and all of the challenges he thing is for sure though, it will definitely make an already hard event infinitely more so. Whereas the first version looked more futuristic-military, the new version looks more like Asian warriors with articulated faulds and tassets.