Toyota GR HV Sports concept to premiere at Tokyo Motor Show

  • Toyota GR HV Sports concept to premiere at Tokyo Motor Show

Toyota GR HV Sports concept to premiere at Tokyo Motor Show

On the practical side, Toyota says it will explore a new crossover genre with the Tj Cruiser, a monolithic concept that merges the roominess of a cargo van with the feel of an SUV.

Well this certainly doesn't look boring, this Toyota GR HV Sports Concept thing. Lastly to improve the performance of the Toyota GR HV Sports concept, the hybrid battery is positioned in the center of the concept.

More information on the TJ Cruiser is expected to come when it makes its public debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in late October.

Toyota has revealed that the electric part of the concept's drivetrain uses hardware from Toyota's World Endurance Championship racing auto, the TS050 Hybrid, but it has yet to announce the specifications of the combustion engine side.

Toyota hasn't said anything about power numbers for the GR HV Sports, but we do have a few intriguing drivetrain details.

Interestingly, the GR HV also comes with an automatic box, but at the press of a button you can change it in to an automated manual with the gear shift turning in to a six-speed H-pattern "manual". This time the world's largest brand is previewing the TJ Cruiser, which stands for Toolbox Joy Cruiser. Finally, the name "Cruiser" is traditionally used for Toyota's SUV lineup. The automaker says the "use of the next-generation TNGA" modular platform is "expected" for the vehicle, and it even mentions it will have a 2.0-liter hybrid drivetrain.

Toyota saying the auto is created to promote the fun of driving by combining the thrill of a sports vehicle, wind-in-the-hair and Toyota's latest motorsport-developed hybrid technologies.

Among the Tj's van-like features are front and rear passenger seats that can be reclined totally flat, allowing objects up to 3 m (9.8 ft) long to be stored inside - these could include surfboards or bikes.