Washington NRA, Trump, Congress agree on regulating 'bump stocks'

  • Washington NRA, Trump, Congress agree on regulating 'bump stocks'

Washington NRA, Trump, Congress agree on regulating 'bump stocks'

In its first statement since the shooting that left 59 dead and over 500 wounded, NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre and Executive Director Chris Cox said they would be open to regulating bump stocks, which allow rifles to fire at a higher rate mimicking an automatic weapon.

Other proposals introduced in Congress this year have included allowing concealed-carry permits to apply across state lines and a bill that was expected to come up in short order until the mass shooting in Las Vegas that would make it easier for more people to buy suppressors, which limits the sound and light emitted from a firedg a weapon. Several of the rifles found in his hotel room were modified with bump stocks. But he said the call to restrict guns was a "knee-jerk reaction" by Democratic lawmakers.

Drapes billow out of broken windows at the Mandalay Bay resort and casino, following the mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas.

'I didn't even know what they were until this week, ' said Paul Ryan, Republican House leader, about bump stocks.

The debate on whether the bump-stock devices should be sold rose in the days after the shooting, with Democrats also calling for stricter gun laws as well.

A bump stock is an cheap attachment that enables a semi-automatic rifle to simulate the effect of a fully automatic rifle. We recognize that they may be fun to use for some recreational shooters.

"There is momentum, and a ban on bump stocks has a good chance", said David DeGrazia, a George Washington University ethics professor who has argued for moderate gun control and is co-author of the book Debating Gun Control. She also reinforced President Trump's support of the Second Amendment.

A bump stock device that fits on a semi-automatic rifle to increase the firing speed, making it similar to a fully automatic rifle, is installed on a AK-47 semi-automatic rifle, (right) at a gun store on October 5, 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Many Republicans echoed Ryan, saying the entire concept of bump stocks was new to them and holding off from a commitment to the call for a legislative ban.

The ATF approved the sale of bump stock attachments on June 20, 2010, ruling the device complies with federal law because it has "no automatically functioning mechanical parts".

The endorsement from the NRA and congressional Republicans for a change in law or policy to regulate guns, however narrow, marked a shift. "So we'll see what kind of legislation is proposed".

The spring-loaded mechanism uses a rifle's recoil to repeatedly and rapidly pull the trigger, allowing the user to fire several hundred rounds per minute.

Two Republicans in Congress, Bill Flores of Texas and Carlos Curbelo of Florida, have stepped outto say they support banning the device. "Before we can run out and talk about the preventions. we have to determine what caused it".

"I told you before I didn't think anything was likely to happen", he said Thursday.

Authorities meanwhile were studying the relationship between Paddock, who had no criminal record, and his girlfriend Marilou Danley, whom Federal Bureau of Investigation agents questioned for clues to what drove Paddock to commit the deadliest U.S. shooting of modern times.