IPhone 8 Plus: Batteries Bursting Out of New Phones?

  • IPhone 8 Plus: Batteries Bursting Out of New Phones?

IPhone 8 Plus: Batteries Bursting Out of New Phones?

An Apple spokesperson told Mashable the company is looking into what might be causing the battery swelling issue, but declined to comment any further.

There was no sign of scorching or an explosion, meaning that the phone was like this before the device was plugged into the wall outlet.

Via ThePaper.cn, Liu reportedly took delivery of an iPhone 8 Plus on Thursday only to find that its case was split as soon as he opened up the packaging. After five days, when she put the phone on to charge using the original cable, the owner noticed a bulge in the front panel. Following the reports, Apple has reportedly been looking into the matter, but it is yet to release an official statement regarding the investigation.

The new iPhone 8 Plus are splitting apart.

According to the Chinese report, the iPhone in question was purchased from JD.com. Similarly, when the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus came out there were issues with individual devices. What happens is that the battery swells upon charging or consumption which forces the casing to split open. It must be noted that phones have minute tolerances, so even a minimal increase in the size of any component could render the device unusable. "In the Galaxy Note case, there were probably a couple hundred battery failures of one sort or another, but there were only a handful of fires - so that gives you a sense of the proportion of actual fires".

It will be too early to say anything about the fate of iPhone 8 Plus at this time. Apple responded by extending the warranty of its wearables but later stated that it was not a safety issue like the iPhone 8 bursting open and there was no need of a recall yet. Pre-orders for the device are likely to be well down on previous model launches, although that may be due to customers waiting for the premium iPhone X which is not due to launch until November.

Apple Inc. shares fell $0.33 (-0.21%) in premarket trading Friday.

Didn't this happen past year?