WWE 2K18 won't have paid microtransactions, says 2K

  • WWE 2K18 won't have paid microtransactions, says 2K

WWE 2K18 won't have paid microtransactions, says 2K

WWE 2K is always proud to show off how it can emulate the real entertainment side of the WWE experience.

WWE 2K18 releases for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One on October 17, 2017.

First up, MyPLAYER, will let players create an upgradeable wrestler to use in MyCareer and the new online ROAD TO GLORY mode too.

Firstly, MyPlayer allows you to create your own wrestler, picking from eight different classes including Technician, which focuses on grappling and technique, Showboat, which excels in reversals and stamina and six others that you can check out on 2K's announcement blog.

He went on: "So you can still spend your VC however you see fit, you can dump it all into your MyPLAYER, you can use it to unlock new wrestlers on the main roster, you can do whatever you want".

Bronze, Silver, and Gold Loot Cases will cost 2,500, 5,000, and 10,000 VC, respectively.

The new Road to Glory mode pits gamers against each other in series of qualifying matches in hopes of earning a spot on an upcoming Pay Per View event. You can purchase loot cases in MyPlayer, MyCareer and Road to Glory. After all, the foundation for unlocking stuff via loot boxes has already been implemented in WWE 2K18, so we wouldn't be surprised if WWE 2K19 features paid micro-transactions. You have a higher chance of unlocking more rare items in Silver and Gold cases.

Since WWE 2K18 doesn't give you the privilege of spending more, what is the whole point of the gambling scheme anyway?