LaVar Ball just pulled LaMelo Ball out of high school

  • LaVar Ball just pulled LaMelo Ball out of high school

LaVar Ball just pulled LaMelo Ball out of high school

"I'm making him the best basketball player, ever", LaVar said in an interview with LA Times. Ironically enough, the only thing Latimore did to anger LaVar was say that LaMelo needed to stop shooting 50 shots-a-game, which, he frankly isn't in the wrong for demanding.

LaMelo Ball still aims to join UCLA one day, but he'll be training and schooling at home in the meantime.

Should UCLA be anxious about LaMelo's eligibility? Arguably the most famous high school basketball player in the social media era, the youngest Ball Brother became an internet sensation last winter for his half-court jumpers and 92-point performance.

LaMelo Ball is now committed to the 2019 UCLA recruiting class and according to LaVar Ball, he is "on track for UCLA".

LaVar Ball has always had strong feelings about how the basketball careers of his sons should go, and in the case of Lonzo Ball becoming a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, he was correct about how it would go. They're good kids. If I knew this was going to be the result, I probably wouldn't have left.

The era of the basketball-playing Ball brothers at Chino Hills looks like it is officially over.

The Huskies went 30-3 with LaMelo averaging 27.8 points and 7.8 assists.

"I said, 'Listen, this is the coach's decision, '" Joseph said. Baik moved to Los Angeles Fairfax High last season; he said it was to cut down on the long commute from his home.

After the game, LaVar confronted the coach, demanding an explanation for his tactics. Ball then entered the team's locker room against Gillig's wishes.

According to, Ball's decision to pull his on from school stems from issues with the school's coaching staff.

Chino Hills is on to its third coach in as many years, and LaVar Ball had his concerns about leaving his youngest boy in the program according to a statement tweeted by ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne.