Facebook Messenger Lite Debuts in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland

  • Facebook Messenger Lite Debuts in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland

Facebook Messenger Lite Debuts in the US, UK, Canada and Ireland

The Lite version of Facebook Messenger includes all of the key features of the messaging tool, but strips out some of the extras such as Day and lenses.

One good thing or positive outlook of these Lite versions that Facebook officially releases is the less consumption of bandwidth concerned with countries where internet services are not adequate.

Facebook launched Facebook Messenger Lite for Android in the USA this week.

Facebook introduced Messenger Lite late past year so that those in developing countries could enjoy it without a heavy toll on older or less powerful smartphones. Apple products are primarily found in countries with fast internet connections, which makes something like Messenger Lite unnecessary.

Now, the choice is yours, either you can prefer the sticks-to-the basics Lite designs or go back to the regular Messenger app.

Facebook's Messenger Lite Android app introduced in new four markets of The United States, United Kingdon, Ireland and Canada.

Launched October previous year, Messenger Lite packed only the bare necessities for Messenger users to be able to connect with their friends. Messenger and Messenger Lite work best when everybody is on the platform, so the company should work to bring the stripped-down app to the iOS.

WhatsApp, the messaging app owned by Facebook but operated as a separate entity, is also popular in emerging markets.

Facebook Messenger Lite made its way into India in July. People seem to enjoy its simple nature and data-friendly approach, even if they do have high-end smartphones. The Messenger Lite allows users to exchange text messages, photos, links, emojis, and stickers as they do on the regular Messenger app. That is not to say that adults won't use it. People in developed countries also have to deal with expensive data.