'SNL's' Michael Che Slams Trump's Puerto Rico Response

  • 'SNL's' Michael Che Slams Trump's Puerto Rico Response

'SNL's' Michael Che Slams Trump's Puerto Rico Response

Donald Trump began Saturday morning by making thinly-veiled racist jabs at Puerto Rico and its capital's mayor, and Saturday Night Live finished the day with a hilariously incisive Alec Baldwin sketch taking down the president's non-response to the island's devastation.

Social media exploded with divisive reactions to the segment, with many Twitter users agreeing with Che's comments and declaring him the victor of the SNL premiere.

Che also kept it real by comparing Trump's response to the hurricanes in Texas and Florida to his response to Puerto Rico, saying, "You just did this for white people twice. These people need help", Che continued.

President Donald Trump has been criticized for his slow response with humanitarian relief efforts for hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. Because it took George W. Bush five years to get his Katrina'.

However, not every person was pleased with the skit, as one critic said, "Hey NBC, last night's racist rant by Michael Che was way over the line, repulsive, unfunny".

Che's comments start at about the 1:47 mark.

But Che then turned his attention to the dire situation in Puerto Rico - as of Saturday, only 45 percent of current occupants have drinkable water, 10 percent have cell phone service, and 5 percent have power - and Trump's refusal to consider the merits of the mayor's claim that the federal government isn't doing enough. "And write them a check with our money, you cheap cracker". Houston is more than 50% Hispanic.

You're going straight to hell, [President Trump].

This is a "moment?"