Police Swarm USC Campus, Say There's 'No Shooting'

  • Police Swarm USC Campus, Say There's 'No Shooting'

Police Swarm USC Campus, Say There's 'No Shooting'

LAPD Deputy Chief Phil Tingirides told reporters: "Apparently there was a teacher or a professor on campus who had some sort of an episode and told her students to lock up the door and get on the floor, and she began yelling out 'active shooter'".

Officer Irma Mota says calls came in around 12:20 p.m. Monday near the north end of campus, which is near downtown Los Angeles.

Another student, Remy Porsella, says he heard screaming and saw people running out of the hall.

The false report was particularly traumatic for students, faculty, and all concerned, given it came less than 24 hours after the horrific shooting in Las Vegas.

"There's no evidence of a shooting, (but) we did have units that responded to a possible active shooter", said LAPD Detective Meghan Aguilar. They sent a mass email to the university urging people to stay away from the building.

The woman, described by police as a member of USC's faculty, was detained and remained in custody last night as officers questioned her and weighed whether or not she was eligible for a psychiatric hold, Lopez said.

The busy student intersection at Hahn Plaza during the campus-wide lockdown.

There was a sizable response by the police and campus safety personnel.

"LAPD and DPS continue to investigate what events led to the initial reports", Carlisle said.

A SWAT team searched Fertitta Hall while helicopters hovered overhead.

"As members of the Trojan Family, we also should be mindful of the needs of others", Quick said.

The university said the area was cleared and safe enough for students to re-enter the campus.