LaMelo Ball to Play Home-Schooled Basketball

  • LaMelo Ball to Play Home-Schooled Basketball

LaMelo Ball to Play Home-Schooled Basketball

Various media outlets reported today that family patriarch LaVar Ball plans to withdraw 16-year-old LaMelo and have him home-schooled the next two years. In an interview with ESPN's Ramona Shelburne, LaVar referred to Latimore and Chino staffers as "those knuckleheads" and said he didn't want them to "mess with (LaMelo's) head".

Of course, LaVar didn't need to pull LaMelo entirely out of school just to get him away from a coach he didn't like.

"I'm not dealing with the coach over there". I'm not dealing with the administrators over there. I don't want no distractions on Melo.

"I'm going to make him the best player ever", LaVar Ball told Times' writer Eric Sondheimer.

After the season, Chino Hills went looking for a new coach and hired Dennis Latimore, a native of Kansas who played two seasons at Arizona and one at Notre Dame. You can put that on the principal and the coach over there.

Now if San Francisco was the number one pick, play in California, Kyle Shanahan, an organization with a history of being relevant, I would tell Sam Darnold, go talk to your parents. "It seems like anybody whose training over here that coach don't want him in the team".

LaMelo averaged 27.5 points and shot 43.2 percent from the field in 30 games for Chino Hills as a sophomore in 2016-17.

The outspoken LaVar Ball has had a tight grip on his sons' basketball careers, drawing controversy and ire with his bravado. And for LaMelo Ball, that's High School.

LaMelo's leaving will surely have significant effects on Southern Californian basketball, let alone Chino Hills.

LaMelo should forget about UCLA entirely. "Who cares? If he can't play, then he can't play".

LaVar's latest move - like nearly each of his past ones - leaves more questions than answers. As we've seen in the past, the big baller himself knows his stuff.

What's his report card going to look like?