'The Nation's Counting On You' To Act On Gun Violence

  • 'The Nation's Counting On You' To Act On Gun Violence

'The Nation's Counting On You' To Act On Gun Violence

"Thoughts and prayers are important", said Kelly said but added that they fell short.

"Pam and I are praying for everyone involved in last night's mass shooting in Las Vegas".

Kelly told reporters that events like the Las Vegas shooting should not be the new norm and that there are ways to "cure" what he and many others see as a real epidemic.

Opponents of the measure say that the silencer provision, in particular, could make it harder to identify a shooter during an incident such as the one in Las Vegas.

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi echoed those calls on Monday, urging House Speaker Paul Ryan to form a Select Committee on Gun Violence "to study and report back common sense legislation to help end this crisis". Chris Murphy, D-Conn., who sought to tighten gun laws in the aftermath of the 2013 mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, that left 20 children and five adults dead at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Hillary Clinton tweeted Monday that the crowd in Las Vegas "fled at the sound of gunshots".

"We can't just be working to defeat bad legislation like federally mandated concealed-carry and the deregulation of silencers", Kelly said.

"We can do more than lower the flag to half-mast". As a result of the shooting she survived more than six years ago, Giffords underwent several intense brain surgeries and still continues to undergo physical and speech therapy today.

Democrats wondered, however, whether the Las Vegas attack would change any minds on Capitol Hill. The state holds a C- rating from the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, up from an F past year.

"What Congress can do - what Congress must do - is pass laws that keep our citizens safe", Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY said on the Senate floor. "There's a lot we need to do in the wake of this mass shooting". This must stop - we must stop this.

The outlet says Kelly and Giffords co-founded the gun violence prevention organization Americans for Responsible Solutions after Giffords suffered a gunshot to her head at a constituent meeting in a supermarket parking lot on January 8, 2011 in Tucson.

Giffords and her husband were planning to praise Northam for supporting "responsible gun violence prevention policies" at a series of roundtable discussions in northern Virginia.

In a statement released before the event, Giffords said, "I know this feeling of heartbreak and horror too well".