Samsung's Odyssey is the $499 Windows Mixed Reality headset

  • Samsung's Odyssey is the $499 Windows Mixed Reality headset

Samsung's Odyssey is the $499 Windows Mixed Reality headset

Redmond described the experience as a brief introduction into the world of Halo, where you'll see several iconic characters in mixed reality for the first time. "The idea of putting on a headset seemed claustrophobic and the promise of truly inhabiting a virtual space felt far away... boy was I wrong".

Microsoft made this announcement at a small press event in San Francisco today.

Just three months ago, AltspaceVR announced plans to shut down due to financial difficulties and problems obtaining its next round of funding. Coincidentally Samsung has now introduced an all-new headset using Microsoft's Mixed Reality platform.

Samsung is one of a collection of brand making Windows Mixed Reality headsets this year, coming first with the Odyssey. 343 industries created the experience, which is not the full Halo game, but rather a look at how Halo could be in virtual reality.

The Samsung headset comes with motion controllers and is priced at $499 United States dollars. The Odyssey is actually the best Mixed Reality headset with Windows operating system. Microsoft's immediate focus is on its growing mixed reality software and partner device ecosystem, which includes a range of products, from simpler augmented reality (AR) experiences to more immersive mixed reality and full-blown virtual reality. They have built-in sensors to track your physical position, and they don't require you to buy or install external sensors in your room. Unlike typical head-mounted displays, you do not need to install any extra motion sensors - simply connect to your PC and get started.

They're all supposed to be affordable, too. Of course, to access it you will have to own one of the Windows mixed reality headsets.

Samsung has unveiled a virtual reality rig designed for use with Windows PCs.

We already knew ones from Acer, Asus, HP, Dell, and Lenovo were in the works, but Samsung HMD Odyssey was only rumored. The display offers a 90Hz refresh rate and a large, 110-degree field of view.

The HMD Odyssey has dual AMOLED displays, built-in spatial AKG headphones, inside-out tracking and a built-in microphone. That's the same price as an Oculus Rift.