Bomb found near Paris Saint Germain football stadium in French capital

  • Bomb found near Paris Saint Germain football stadium in French capital

Bomb found near Paris Saint Germain football stadium in French capital

However, Mr Collomb argued that the Paris incident and a knife attack in Marseille on Sunday that left two women dead underlined the importance of tough new security laws.

One of the five suspects was under government surveillance for radicalism, Interior Minister Gerrard Collomb said.

French lawmakers in the lower house of parliament were set to vote later today on a new counter-terrorism law that rights groups and United Nations experts have criticised for giving too much power to police and local government officials.

Two gas cylinders and were found inside the building and on a pavement, a mobile phone was attached to the gas cylinders, this suggests the phone was to be used as a "possible" detonator.

The law will give authorities the power to place people under house arrest, order house searches and ban public gatherings without the prior approval of a judge.

He said one of those arrested was on a police terror watchlist and had been "radicalised".

Terror group Isis have claimed responsibility for the stabbing, but French authorities say there is no confirmation the killer had any link to the group.

On Monday, an anti-discrimination group, SOS Racisme, demonstrated outside parliament against provisions that will allow police to profile foreigners and demand to see their IDs.

The law, created to replace the state of emergency that France has been under since the wave of bombings and shootings at Paris nightspots and France's national stadium in November 2015, is expected to come into force on November 1.

It was passed by the upper house Senate in July and is expected to sail through the National Assembly, where the ruling centrist Republic on the Move (LREM) party has a comfortable majority.

Critics of the new law have been limited largely to leftist politicians and human rights groups, though United Nations experts also raised objections in a letter to the French government last week.

"We've foiled numerous attacks since the start of the year that would have involved many deaths", the minister said.