Ryan Gosling is once more awful at keeping a straight face

  • Ryan Gosling is once more awful at keeping a straight face

Ryan Gosling is once more awful at keeping a straight face

"Can I speak to you just for a second?"

You don't want to miss this. nothing's off limits.

Of course, Baldwin wasn't sure as of Thursday exactly what his reprise would entail, telling USA Today, "We really don't know, nor do we try to figure that out as early as Thursday". There was also commentary about Hurricane Maria, Trump's attempt to define an island, Blindness Awareness Month, fatberg, STDs and Saudi Arabia's decision to allow women to drive.

The sketch - which was a parody of the film noir genre - featured the Academy Award nominee as a fugitive on the run from the law. Ryan Gosling's likable personality and skillful light comic touch are on display in what is overall a well-crafted, effective monologue bit with a solid pay-off.

In a digital sketch, Gosling plays someone who becomes obsessed with the fact that the Avatar movie used the Papyrus font in their official artwork.

The sketch began innocently enough, with Gosling and Cecily Strong's characters describing their pleasant, mind-bending experience being abducted by "glowing beings made of lovely light" and seeing their entire lives flash before their eyes. When they are fooled into eating food from Pizza Hut, things go badly.

McKinnon said, "I don't think [the aliens] had ever seen a crack before", and Gosling had to quickly turn his face towards the wall to hide a smile. However, this sketch is a direct sequel to "Close Encounter", where Gosling and cast members Mikey Day, Aidy Bryant, and Cecily Strong reprised their characters from "Close Encounter". Playing the Central Intelligence Agency agent along with Aidy Bryant is Mikey Day. Finally, he just straight-up laughs.

The couple, who have been together for six years and have two children together, are arguably the most private couple in Hollywood: the last red carpet they hit together was in 2012.