Roku announces a 4K streaming stick and more lineup upgrades

  • Roku announces a 4K streaming stick and more lineup upgrades

Roku announces a 4K streaming stick and more lineup upgrades

The company also introduced a 4K dongle, dubbed the Streaming Stick Plus, that can stream 4K and HDR with up to 60 fps.

The form factor was popular enough for Roku to warrant an update last year and throughout the years has been copied by main hardware manufacturers and cheap knock-offs alike.

The HDR support in the Streaming Stick+ is the same widely used HDR10 format as that found in all the rest of the company's 4K products and as far as we know, Roku has no immediate plans for updating any products to include Dolby Vision support, a feature which is at this point uniquely found in Apple's 4K TV set-top box.

Roku OS 8 will start rolling out later this month and throughout November to older Roku hardware (including boxes, sticks, and televisions), but the company did say that not all devices will receive the new software.

"Our new streaming player lineup provides performance, price and features to meet our users needs so they can sit back, relax and enjoy their TV viewing experience even more", said Chas Smith, general manager of Roku TVs and players, said in a prepared statement.

Los Gatos, Calif. -based Roku announced five new streaming players, priced from $29 to $99, as it prepares for the holiday shopping season.

The new Roku streaming player range includes the Roku Express and Roku Express+, these devices are apparently five times more powerful than the previous models. The benefit here is a faster and more stable streaming experience which translates to faster load times and less time buffering. Assuming you have a supported set, you'll be able to use the remote - which comes outfitted with power and volume buttons - to control both your TV and your Roku stick at the same time.

Should the cable break or go MIA for any reason, however, Roku says it will make individual cables available for purchase - i.e. you won't have to rebuy the entire system just because you've misplaced the power cable.

First up is the new and improved 4K streaming stick, which actually sound rather impressive.

For those who want a 4K capable stick, the Streaming Stick Plus version is also available for $20 more at $70.

When you see an asterisked a title, like "Night Court" or "Jack and the Beanstalk" from the image above, you can hit the asterisk key on the remote and up comes a page labeled "More Ways to Watch".

The latest free update, Roku OS 8, brings a slew of new additions. That's because Roku seems to have abandoned the United Kingdom market, refusing to offer us anything better than the Roku 3 - despite having launched a number of high end boxes over the past two years.

Roku's new devices are available for pre-order starting Monday from Roku, Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon and other retailers.

Finally, we come to the Roku Ultra.