Lion cub bites players hand before match

  • Lion cub bites players hand before match

Lion cub bites players hand before match

He was with Welsh club Ospreys in Bloemfontein for a PRO14 league game against a South African franchise ironically called Cheetahs on Friday.

Wales hooker Scott Baldwin apologised to Ospreys fans on Saturday for being bitten by a lion after stroking the latter's lioness which forced him to sit out their Pro14 match on Friday.

Ospreys head coach Steve Tandy clearly had little sympathy for his hooker, who was taken to hospital for stitches and treatment to prevent an infection.

Apparently, all the visitors were warmed regarding not sticking their hands in the barrier but Scott opted to ignore it and ended up bitten up by the lion.

After the incident on Wednesday, Baldwin took to Twitter to apologise to his teammates and fans for missing the game due to the incident.

Tandy said in a report on The Guardian website that the incident wasn't the lion's fault.

However, Tandy confirmed Baldwin's injury free of any medical threat and added that the player would return the next day.

When you put your hand into a fence and there's a lion in there, you can expect to get bit. Baldwin said on Twitter.

"And for those asking my hand is on the mend thankfully & should be up & running round soon enough thanks for your support and concern".

"It was pretty stupid on Scott's behalf and he is pretty lucky", he told BBC.

"It's probably one of the silliest things I've ever been involved in, but thankfully he's okay and hopefully he'll be back up and running in the next couple of weeks". It was a good environment and we were told how far back to stand.