Iraq urges KRG to cancel referendum results

  • Iraq urges KRG to cancel referendum results

Iraq urges KRG to cancel referendum results

Worldwide pressure mounted on Iraqi Kurdistan Saturday after its controversial independence "yes" vote, with neighbouring Iran announcing joint border drills with Iraq and banning fuel trade with the autonomous region.

Ahead of the vote, Iran's army and Guard launched a military exercise in its northwestern Kurdish region.

The issue of terrorism, the Kurdish independence vote and matters of mutual interest were among the major topics discussed in the Wednesday meeting between the military brass of Iran and Iraq.

The independence referendum was opposed by many countries because it would threaten the integrity of Iraq and it could undermine fight against Islamic State militants.

The spokesperson for the Foreign Office (FO) said on Monday that the Kurdish referendum held in Iraq lacks legitimacy.

Turkey and Iran, which fear the vote will embolden their own sizable Kurdish minorities, also threatened action against the Iraqi Kurds.

Turkish president underlined that that Turkey is in close contact with neighboring states, including Iran and the Iraqi central government, and ready for negative developments in the region.

He may be right, because one-fifth of Turkey's population is Kurdish, and a lot of them live in the part of Turkey directly across the border from Iraqi Kurdistan. Leading up to the referendum, Netanyahu endorsed Kurdish statehood, making Israel the only nation to officially back the move. This structure, which included representatives of all Kurdish parties and ethno-religious groups in the region, dealt with the organization and holding of the referendum on September 25th.

The Iraqi government on Monday demanded that the Kurdish authorities stop "provocations" in disputed territories.

Iran and Turkey had warned that the controversial vote could lead to further instability in the entire Middle East, a region already ravaged by numerous conflicts and terror threats.

The statement called on the KRG to "end provocation in the areas it seized and abide by the decisions taken by the federal and constitutional court".

Hadithi demanded that Irbil "cancel the results of the referendum" and "engage in serious dialogue to strengthen the unity of Iraq".