Canada police investigate officer attack, chase as terrorism

  • Canada police investigate officer attack, chase as terrorism

Canada police investigate officer attack, chase as terrorism

Canadian authorities say two incidents in Edmonton are being investigated as acts of terrorism after a man struck a police officer with a vehicle before stabbing him and later plowed a truck into pedestrians on a busy street, injuring at least four people.

The officer was patrolling a road southwest of the Commonwealth football stadium. The driver then jumped out of the auto and stabbed the officer with a knife "several times" before fleeing the scene on foot, prompting a massive manhunt, Knecht said.

The second attack began several hours later when a U-haul van driven by the same man was chased by police.

Police say the van attempted to "deliberately hit" the pedestrians at a crossing, with the van eventually flipping onto its side on a busy street in downtown Edmonton.

Knecht said authorities believe the man acted alone, but haven't ruled out the possibility that others might be involved.

Police said the suspect, who authorities have not identified, was arrested several hours later following a vehicle chase across a busy downtown street during which he intentionally sought to hit pedestrians. He also confirmed that an ISIS flag was found in the miscreant's vehicle.

Knecht addressed those concerns at his news conference, saying the seriousness of the crime dictated why the chase continued.

"There were people flying and everything", she said. The man then left his auto and stabbed the police officer numerous times.

While the condition of the pedestrians is unknown, the police officer is expected to recover, as his injuries are not critical.

"We were just standing out front here and basically a U-Haul was heading north down 109th Street and peeled into this smoking alley here where people were having a smoke", he recalled.

Austin Elgie, manager of The Pint bar just west of the downtown core, saw the van zoom by with police giving chase.

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley tweeted her well-wishes to the injured officer.

In a statement, Knect said: 'We ask that our citizens remain vigilant and observant of their surroundings, and contact police should they notice any other unusual activities around the city'. "Grateful for our first responders".

Canadian police said they arrested a man on Sunday suspected of carrying out "acts of terrorism" that injured four people and an officer.

"There is nothing that has come to their attention to this point that would lead them to believe that the threat level needs to be adjusted", Goodale said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that federal authorities was working with local police on the case.

"We can not - and will not - let violent extremism take root in our communities", Trudeau added.