Belle Gibson fined $410000 for false claims she would donate to charity

  • Belle Gibson fined $410000 for false claims she would donate to charity

Belle Gibson fined $410000 for false claims she would donate to charity

Belle Gibson, a 25-year-old all-natural remedy enthusiast, established a huge following by showcasing her phony cancer battle and then claiming it was cured with her purportedly organic nostrums and alternative therapies, according to Gizmodo.

Gibson admitted to Australian Women's Weekly in April 2015 that she fabricated all her cancer claims.

Before her book was pulled from shelves and app cancelled, Gibson made $420,000 in earnings.

Mortimer said Gibson's false donation promise to the Schwarz family was the "most serious" of her infractions. "I thought she was an inspiration".

She had also told media outlets around that time that the cancer had reached her liver and kidneys, and just months earlier she's posted to The Whole Pantry's Facebook page that her cancer had spread to her blood, spleen, brain and uterus.

However, her whole Pantry website and app have since been taken down. But allegations that she failed to donate the money, as well as emerging inconsistencies around her story, led to her admission that "none of it's true". All of her social media pages - which included detailed accounts of alleged seizures suffered and hospital admissions - were deleted years ago when accusations, some from those who claimed knew her well, first arose.

Under her brand, The Whole Pantry, the wellness blogger launched a cookbook and app that went on to be bestsellers after she claimed she cured the illness through her healthy lifestyle, reports The Guardian.

Justice Debbie Mortimer, the judge in the case, ordered the money should be given to "some or all" of the charity groups and individuals Gibson had previously promised she would donate to.

"One of the clear demonstrations of the dishonesty and self-interest attending Ms Gibson's conduct was the fact she and the company she controlled did not in fact make any donations to the organisations she had mentioned in her publicity statements until public questioning of her claims", Justice Mortimer said.

On top of all that, the huckster didn't even have the courage to show her face in court, opting instead to send an email to the judge acknowledging her awareness that a punishment was on the way.

However, the revelation that Gibson's empire was built on a tissue of lies turned her from guru to pariah.