Katter lashes out at Macklemore performing during the NRL Grand Final

  • Katter lashes out at Macklemore performing during the NRL Grand Final

Katter lashes out at Macklemore performing during the NRL Grand Final

Mr Abbott, a vocal same-sex marriage opponent, said the National Rugby League (NRL) should not be politicised. Macklemore himself has promised to play the song, and to "go harder" in the face of the controversy.

"It's interesting because I am playing Same Love, and they are going through, right now, trying to legalise same sex marriage".

"It's one thing to let either side of the debate advertise during the finals, it's a completely different thing to embed same-sex marriage advocacy as an official statement", he said. "The opinion that I expressed yesterday was that the NRL had made a poor call in doing what they did", Abbott told reporters when he explained his position.

"Footy fans shouldn't be subjected to a politicised grand final", Abbott wrote. But because we're holding a postal plebiscite on marriage equality, and nothing makes sense anymore, conservative commentators and politicians have gotten very riled up.

He told United States radio that he was going to perform the song at the "Superbowl of their rugby" as Australia underwent "interesting times".

Tony Abbott has backed a push to have the performance cancelled, but his senior colleague George Brandis has called that freaky, saying he thought the former Prime Minister believed in freedom of speech.

The attorney general, George Brandis, said Same Love is one of the singer's chart-topping songs and popular artists regularly sing at sporting finals. And lately, they've focused their ire on Macklemore and the NRL, arguing that the "Same Love" performance will represent an incursion of politics into what they believe should be the safe space of sports.

Macklemore discussed the outrage and the petition against him while chatting on USA radio station POWER 106 on The Cruz Show.

"It's one of his most popular songs, and for Mr Abbott or anyone else to say that it should be banned I think is a weird thing to say".

Mr Abbott and his family also appeared at the annual Dreamtime at the 'G game between Essendon and Richmond, slugging the Commonwealth to the tune of $2586.36 in 2011 and $1666.31 in 2012.