Died the hardest woman in the world

  • Died the hardest woman in the world

Died the hardest woman in the world

Eman weighed a whopping 498 kg on her arrival in Mumbai's Saifee hospital for treatment in February this year.

World's heaviest woman, Eman Ahmed, who came to India for weight-loss surgery and then flew to Abu Dhabi for further treatment amid controversy, has died at 37. "The family is yet to reach Abu Dhabi from Egypt".

Eman waves during a press conference upon her arrival in Abu Dhabi in July.

"Our prayers and heartfelt condolences go out to her family", said the hospital.

Doctors said that Abdel Aty suffered from a thyroid condition, while her family claimed she suffered from elephantiasis, a medical condition which causes extreme swelling in a person's limbs and arms, which left her nearly immobile.

Reports quoting statement from the Burjeel Hospital said she died early Monday morning due to complications from the comorbid condition, including heart disease and kidney dysfunction.

She suffered from parasitic disease Elephantiasis and was constantly hungry as a result. However, her stay in the hospital ended after three months after her sister Shaimaa Selim raised allegations against the doctors who were treating Eman.

Lakdawala said his priority was to save Eman and give her quality of life.

However, what started out as a ray of hope for Eman, soon turned into a spat between her family and her doctors at Saifee Hospital over her progress.

Dr. Nabeel Debouni, medical director, Burjeel Hospital, told The Hindu, "She did not respond to treatment as expected over the past few days".

She was flown to Mumbai on a specially equipped Air Egypt cargo plane.

THE world's ex-fattest woman has died - after spending 25 years in bed battling a range of health issues caused by her weight.