Golovkin promoter says GGG may fight Cotto in December

  • Golovkin promoter says GGG may fight Cotto in December

Golovkin promoter says GGG may fight Cotto in December

Saturday's fight ended in a draw and it was the scorecard of Adalaide Byrd - who has since been stood down - that provided the biggest talking point, with Canelo the victor on her card by 118 to 110.

If she truly does not know what people are saying about her farce of a score for boxing's most hotly contested bout of 2017, then perhaps the NSAC should take some responsibility for once and give her the break Bennett previously discussed.

Even Oscar De La Hoya, Alvarez's promoter, said, "What was that?"

After the match, Alvarez posted a photo on his Instagram account hanging out with Oklahoma City Thunder star guard Russell Westbrook in Las Vegas.

Byrd, the wife of Robert Byrd, who refereed the Mayweather-McGregor fight, instantly stood out as the main offender - although those in boxing view her controversial scoring as part of a larger problem in the sport. As the rounds peeled off this would be the dance that the two engaged in, and as Alvarez began to tire the more susceptible he became to the technical prowess of GGG.

The same social media that had been full of excitement for the fight, suddenly filled with anger and resentment from people who felt ripped off, yet again.

Donaire admits he's a good friend of Alvarez and was cheering for him to win. I think all the fans understand who is the real champion... "I did not agree with the 118-110", Donaire said.

"Everyone involved in the fight - whether you thought Canelo or Gennady won - saw it as close and exciting", Gomez said. Secondly, he was the aggressor and was landing more.

Even before the fight, experts called Alvarez the toughest opponent in Golovkin's career. Both showed skill, power and heart during a 12-round bout that should get heavy consideration for "Fight of the Year", though there was little doubt that Golovkin had won.

"Everyone is turned off by it and talking about how boxing is dead", Donaire said.

It's decisions like these that point to a growing trend in boxing - with no oversight, this noble and historic sport has been increasingly corrupted. This is what we do for a living.

"So we can't put all the blame on Byrd".

HBO boxing chief Peter Nelson said he thought a second fight would do even better than the first, and indicated a date next May would be ideal. "We control this and this is what it's going to be.' And it's frustrating for us".

When a decision like the lopsided scorecard in the Canelo-GGG fight happens, one central governing body and whichever athletic commission is governing the fight can simply agree that that particular judge will not work anymore.

"Right now, I am going to rest for the remainder of the year and be back in May or September". "She'll still be in the business, but she needs to catch her breath". "Maybe it's that when you fight Danny Jacobs - second best middleweight in the world - when you fight "Canelo" Alvarez - on that night the second best middleweight in the world - it's different than fighting just regular top ten guys". "Unfortunately tonight, she didn't do well".