California lawmakers take anti-Trump stance as session ends

  • California lawmakers take anti-Trump stance as session ends

California lawmakers take anti-Trump stance as session ends

The legislative deal was announced the same day that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said he's filing a lawsuit over the Trump administration's decision to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which protects young immigrants living in the USA illegally from deportation.

Entitled the "California Values Act", the final version passed the Democratic-controlled Senate by a vote of 27-11.

"Given their limited resources, I agree that state and local law enforcement should not be doing the jobs of federal immigration agents", said Bates. But they'll be barred from transferring immigrants to federal authorities if their rap sheet includes only minor offenses.

Republicans say the bill, SB54, would only provide comfort to people who commit crimes and would force immigration agents to conduct neighborhood raids if their actions are restricted in jails.

The agreement came on the same day the state sued the Trump administration over its decision to end a program that shields young immigrants from deportation.

California lawmakers are debating the measure as the U.S. Congress considers offering legal status to young immigrants whose parents brought them into the country illegally or overstayed their visas.

"Now, more than ever, it is imperative that California law clearly distinguish state and local law enforcement officers from federal deportation agents", said Pasquarella. Jerry Brown worked with lawmakers to scale back parts of the legislation, which would have previously forbade federal immigration officers from questioning inmates in county jails.

Democrats used supermajorities in the state Capitol to pass the bill they viewed as important to highlighting California's stance on shielding its estimated 2.3 million undocumented immigrants from Immigration and Customs Enforcement. It also would limit police cooperation with immigration officers.

The exceptions created in the compromise earlier in the week were also not enough to win support from the California State Sheriffs' Association.

A pair of bills seeking to ban smoking at California's parks and beaches are heading to Gov.

California's Democratic political leaders have positioned the nation's largest state as a foil to Trump and his administration.