Google Knows You Hate Chrome Autoplay Videos

  • Google Knows You Hate Chrome Autoplay Videos

Google Knows You Hate Chrome Autoplay Videos

Google Chrome users will now be pleased to know that the company will be allowing them more control over the browser's behavior soon. From Chrome 64, auto video playback will only be allowed if sound isn't played or if the user has shown interest in the clip.

"This will allow autoplay to occur when users want media to play, and respect users' wishes when they don't".

But the change for users and especially, for the sites and the advertisers, will actually take place in October 2017: the function "mute " will be integrated in the stable version of Chrome 63 expected just for this date and will therefore be deployed to all users of Google Chrome. But Chrome users will have to wait until the release of Chrome 64, expected in January 2018, before the feature lands.

He said: "Users watch and listen to a lot of media, and autoplay can make it faster and easier to consume on the web".

"One of the most frequent user concerns is unexpected media playback, which can use data, consume power, and make unwanted noise while browsing", software engineer Mounir Lamouri wrote in a blog announcement. We sincerely doubt they're going to let you block YouTube preroll ads with these fancy new Chrome features, especially not when they're now trying to get you to pay them $10 a month to skip those ads.

A standout amongst the most irritating things about surfing the web - other than each one of those advertisements, obviously - is arriving on a web page and getting impacted by a video that begins playing without users' intervention. While the content they offer can sometimes be useful, they can also be quite jarring when users aren't expecting them. It's not so much the video, but the sound from the video that is truly aggravating. The same features will be in canary and dev as well, and these browsers will send telemetry back to Google about how people use the muting feature.

In addition, Chrome 63 will also be the first browser version that will mark FTP links as "Not Secure". That component will pick the promotions to square in view of rules from the business gathering, Coalition for Better Ads.

Google is also readying a built-in Chrome adblocker, set to launch early next year.