Terror related arrests reach record high

  • Terror related arrests reach record high

Terror related arrests reach record high

The number of terror-related arrests in the United Kingdom has surged by 68% in a single year, new figures reveal, hitting a record high.

Police made 379 terrorism-related arrests between June 2016 and June 2017, according to Home Office statistics released on Thursday.

Arrests jumped by 68 per cent year on year, with the increase partly driven by activity mounted amid a flurry of terrorist incidents including the Manchester bombings and London Bridge attacks earlier this year. It is an all-time high in the number of arrests since the government started recording data in 2001.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Neil Basu, the senior national co-ordinator for counter-terrorism policing, said: "We would describe this as a shift not a spike".

Around half (189) of those held were released without charge, while others were released on bail (54) or faced "alternative action" (11). As such the data leaves open the possibility that some suspects were arrested multiple times.

He said that in the three years up to March this year, police foiled 13 potential attacks, reports Reuters.

Mark White explained: "Quite often what you see with the likes of a terrorist attack, a lot of people who are initially arrested - they could be family members, friends and associates of someone who has carried out an attack - but after questioning and detailed investigations these people are often released without charge".

By the end of June this year, 204 people in the United Kingdom were in custody for terrorism-related offences in the country. The remaining detainees held other unspecified views.

Since mid-2013, the authorities have thwarted 19 plots - including six since the Westminster attack.

Later that month, a man from south Wales drove a van into a crowd near Finsbury Park Mosque, killing one. "The tempo is increasing", UK Security Minister Ben Wallace told the Independent.