Minecraft Comes to the Nintendo 3DS

  • Minecraft Comes to the Nintendo 3DS

Minecraft Comes to the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo and Microsoft aren't afraid to work together when it comes to Minecraft. As we find out, since the game is already available on United States eShop, Minecraft for 3DS will occupy 3,799 free space blocks, corresponding to approximately 475 MB.

Nintendo didn't announce a specific release date for the boxed version of Minecraft new 3DS edition and if you plan to buy one, it could be a long wait.

A 3DS edition of Minecraft was just announced, and then revealed to be launching later today on the eShop. Play in Creative Mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armor to fend off the unsafe mobs.

Creative Mode is, of course, the sandbox building mode of the game, which has resulted in some magnificent digital constructions that have gone viral at least in the gaming community. Inventory, crafting and the map shows up on the lower touchscreen, and players are able to use buttons or the touch pad itself to navigate their cube-infested worlds.

According to Minecraft's official site, multiplayer won't be available at launch but local multiplayer will come in a future update.