People Dead After Shooting Inside A Home In Plano, Texas

  • People Dead After Shooting Inside A Home In Plano, Texas

People Dead After Shooting Inside A Home In Plano, Texas

Rushin noted that police are conducting a thorough investigation and will be interviewing as many people as possible, saying that a mass shooting like this isn't something law enforcement in Plano is used to.

Rushin said the officer who responded heard gunshots, saw victims down and "knew instantly what was going on".

Plano police have not confirmed the identities of any of the eight people who died.

According to Plano police spokesman David Tilley, this was a crime different than what he has ever seen. Details about what led the officer to shoot have not been released.

All those killed are believed to have been adults. One of the victims taken to a hospital later died, Rushin said.

The victims and she suspect have not been identified and any relationship between the suspect and victims is not yet known.

Neighbor Stacey Glover told the Dallas Morning News the gathering had started that afternoon and that she had seen people outside talking, laughing and grilling.

Officers responded to the house just after 8 p.m. Sunday after being alerted that shots had been fired. She opened her door and smelled gunpowder. When police arrived, she heard them yelling, "Hands up" before more shots rang out.

Some people in the neighborhood reported 30 to 40 gunshots.

"I'm anxious", she said. Rushin at one point mentioned that "family violence" can happen anywhere.

Police are still trying to determine the suspect's motive.

At this point, it's unclear how the killer knew his victims.

Rushin would not confirm the shooter's identity or that it was a domestic-violence homicide, but he used numerous key words that typically come up in such an investigation.

Investigators were still at the home collecting evidence on Monday, Rushin said.

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